Boy Harsher have just unveiled another stunning video as they close out their North American tour and announce new European festival dates this summer.

The latest video from the band’s critically acclaimed second LP Careful is for
“Come Closer”—a track steeped in sexy early 90’s club hedonism and sensuality that is perfectly translated into visuals that are part film noir eroticism via Madonna, and part Cabaret ala Alan Cumming.

The result is a kind of industrial music style edited fusion with retro avant-garde high fashion aesthetics that would event make Jean Paul Gaultier at this peak blush with envy.

The video was directed by Muted Widows—a collaboration between the Widow Brothers and Nedda Afsari—who commented:

 “This is the first time we all (Michael R. Zumaya, Michael E Linn, and Nedda Afsari) collaborated on a project from start to finish, and Boy Harsher couldn’t be a more perfect fit for us as our new collective Muted Widows. For Come Closer, we explored duality. There are things within us that feel so familiar and, conversely, so different. At the end, both are integral parts of yourself. Our amazing crew and exceptional talent really came together to create something we’re extremely proud of. Furthermore, we’re extremely flattered to create the visuals for a stellar track.

Starring Sara Cummings as The Jester, Iphi Douleur as The Original, and Emily Hendrix as The Dual, watch the video for “Come Closerbelow:

Careful is available now, and has firmly won its place of one of the best album’s of 2019—order it here.

Boy Harsher are currently coming to the end of their extensive US tour in support of Careful, with the first leg documented here earlier this year by and Chasms.

The band are soon to return to Europe for festival appearances this summer.

Details below and more dates to be announced soon.

Boy Harsher live dates:

  • April 17 @ The Independent – San Francisco, CA **SOLD OUT**
  • April 18 @ The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
  • April 19 @ The Zebulon, LA **SOLD OUT**
  • April 20 @ Black Box – Tijuana, MX
  • May 24 @ Spin Time Labs – Rome, IT
  • May 25 @ Je T’aime Festival – Padova, IT
  • May 26 @ Hana-Bi – Marina Di Ravenna, IT
  • May 28 @ Serdce – Saint Petersburg, RU
  • May 29 @ Pluton – Moscow, RU
  • May 30 @ Kilbi Festival – Bad Bonn, CH
  • May 31 @ Kaiku – Helsinki, FI
  • June 01 @ Immergut Festival – Neustrelitz, DE
  • June 05 @ Khidi – Tbilisi, GE
  • June 07 @ Lyse Netter – Moss, NO
  • June 08 @ Aucard De Tours – Tours, FR
  • June 27 @ Plissken Festival – Athens, GR
  • June 28 @ Fusion Festival – Larz, DE
  • June 29 @ Rockoramas Festival – Toulon, FR
  • June 30 @ Val De Rock – Val d’Europe, FR

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