A sort of spacial transmutation comes to pass through the music of Detroit trio Ritual Howls—a band that weaves cinematic soundscapes of twangy industrial-rock into sonic landscapes that defy genre in their post-apocalyptic revelations.

Not quite post-punk like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, or gothic rock like Fields of the Nephilim, or even Neofolk like Sol Invictus and Current 93, Ritual Howls are a singular and captivating band that evokes all the dark energies of driving through the western sunset via a 1960s ford mustang.

The band—a collaboration between Paul Bancell (vocals, guitar), Chris Samuels (synth, samples, drum machine), and Ben Saginaw (bass), released their fourth full-length Rendered Armor in March this year, creating expansive arrangements sculpted with masterful production.

Ritual Howls’ new single “Safe Haven From The Sun” is taken from the Rendered Armor sessions. Lead singer/guitarist Paul Bancell explains:

“When I was a boy I would stare at the forest. I would look at all of the tiny places between the trees and long to live there. A safe place, a haven. As I get older, the falsehoods I’ve been fed continue to reveal themselves and at times I still stare into the trees. The thick, dark green – a safe haven from the sun.”

Watch the video below:

Following a successful North American tour run with The Faint, Ritual Howls played Absolution Festival in Tampa, FL as well and now head to Los Angeles for the inaugural Substance Festival to perform November 2nd with Odonis Odonis, Crack Cloud, Lust For Youth, HTRK and more.

“A Safe Haven From The Sun” is available November 1st on Felte Records.

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