Darkwave Duo Mark E Moon have unveiled their seductively sinister video for  “Into The Arms Of Entropy”, a track culled from their lavish collection of songs that allude to various vices and dark desires about sex, death, and addiction—aptly titled: Refer.

In the song and video for “Into The Arms of Entropy”, directed by Marie Renolds, we see a visual reference to possibly the Godfathers of Goth themselves Bauhaus, as vocalist Mark Sayle is lit from beneath in the fashion Peter Murphy had been via closed-circuit television during the legendary post-punk band’s set opening rendition of “Doubledare”.

Here, enveloped in scanlines and static, both Sayle and veteran musician Phil Reynolds, fans of the various dark music genres spearheaded by acts such as Joy Division, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Chameleons, conjure up the perfect darkwave track that is as goth as it gets!

Watch below:

Mark E Moon*s Refer is released on November 29th, 2019 via Cold Transmission Music

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