Synth-pop legends Depeche Mode have teamed up with Noah clothing to create a new line of apparel featuring graphics and artwork from their critically acclaimed seventh studio album Violator, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on March 19th, 2020.

The collection includes outerwear, tees, hoodies, and scarves, and features the iconic Depeche Mode rose plus imagery from the singles “World In My Eyes”, “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy The Silence”, and “Policy of Truth”.

“Every once in a blue moon, an album catches the world’s attention and holds it, finding a new audience with each successive generation. With Violator, Depeche Mode did exactly that, creating a timeless classic that feels as fresh to us today as it did when it came out. – Brendon Babenzien”

The clothing goes on Thursday, December 12th. Visit Noah for more info.

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