Death Hags has built an expansive universe between dreamy noise pop, ambient, and experimental electronics. Taking inspiration from Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson, she announces the release of a new offering: the songSUPRWØRM” off Album #4 of the Big Grey Sun series.

A dog bite over the 2018 Winter Solstice resulted in a delirious fever and three days of hallucinations. This, in turn, gave birth to Death Hags’ ambitious seven-album project called Big Grey SunDescribed as “part grimoire, part hermit dream,” the project has since expanded to a constellation of albumslathe-cut 7″ EPs, monthly radio art experiments on CAMP Radio, and other releases. 

SUPRWØRM is one of those tracks that stick with you in a transformative trance, vocalist Lola G’s breathy ethereal voice floating over an ocean of dissonance and pleasing frequencies. Volume 4 of Big Grey Sun is dreamy and introspective, trying to make sense of sorrow while dreaming of other worlds. 

“I wanted to write an ode to the healing power of music and dancing, a track both experimental and danceable with minimal lyrics,” she says. “The title SUPRWØRM comes from the synth line that acts as an earworm to bewitch and hypnotize the listener.” 

The video is a mix of stock footage, recent footage of Milan street dancers, as well as a couple clips of Lola having fun in her backyard.

Watch below:

Since 2018, Death Hags has toured extensively in North America and Europe, playing SXSW, Pop Montreal and Night Owl Fest. Lola is currently working on a film score and a book soundtrack for the novel Bad Eminence by James Greer, out in July 2022 on And Other Stories.

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