Bauhaus’s beloved David J is reeling in the strange and unusual with Outliers: Mexican Bootleg Vol. 2. Featuring a repeating drone over found field recordings, whispering messages, the bizarre collection delves into layered experimentation, leaving a sea of questions in its wake. Who are the mystery people passionately chattering about politics in the background? What does the electronic pattern overlay communicate? Is this whole experience a guided hypnosis into the spirit realm?

For those familiar with Frank Tovey’s Easy Listening For The Hard of Hearing, David J’s noodlings, particularly on Paper or Plastic?, dwell in that same realm of altered state, dotted with recordings of Alan Watts and the oddball compositions of Raymond Scott. It’s not a collection for the faint of heart, but it’s certainly worth an open-minded listen.

Released on June 10th via No Devotion Records, Outliers: Mexican Bootleg Vol. 2 can also be found at David J’s Patreon as a limited edition cassette (150 copies made).

Get ready for a foray into the wild unknown with David J:

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