What happens when we don’t do spiritual work on ourselves? What happens when the trials and tribulations of everyday life finally get to us, leading us down dark paths? How does it change us – and what will we enact?

Los Angeles dark pop chanteuse Bara Hari explores this realm of existence with a new single and video, entitled “House of the Devil.” The third installment of the forthcoming LP from Re:Mission Entertainment, Lesser Gods, this song serves as a cautionary tale of the repercussions from failure to heal their personal demons… and, in the process, villainizing others.

In this self-directed video, Bara Hari (née Sam Franco) enlisted the dancing talents of Isabella Sophia, Veronica Lynn, Jamie Addison, and Jessica Cohen to dramatically bring her mystical visions to life in this passion play of power. Taking a cue from the aesthetics and cinematic lighting of Dario Argento films, ‘House of the Devil’ is a cinematic portrayal of a devilish woman and her demons infiltrating a holy space. It serves as a metaphor for the soul, when we allow our demons to take over and poison our outlook on life.

Watch ‘House of the Devil” below:

Bara Hari’s eclectic inspirations span the gamut of dark pop, synth-pop, industrial pop, electro-pop, darkwave, and goth. ‘Bara Hari’ is an amalgamation of 1910s vamps Theda Bara and Mata Hari, stars of stage and screen…and in Hari’s case, WW1 espionage.

Franco writes, records, and produces herself out of her studio in Los Angeles, weaving raw vulnerability into tight, driving productions in a style akin to Florence + the Machine, iamamiwhoami, Marina, and Garbage. With a classically theatrical bend, Franco creates her elabourate costumes and set pieces for her music; a visionary building detailed fantasy worlds.

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