Hollywood based darkwave and body music producer Mellow Code has dropped his eclectic video for the new single “Infinity Nights”, a track featuring Chicago based avant-garde darkwave duo NONE OF YOUR CONCERN. This is the first of several planned collaborations between the two projects.

“Infinity Nights” single is taken from the Mellow Code’s forthcoming album on the Crunch Pod music label. The new album will feature his signature mixture of styles and offer more vocals from Mellow Code (Josh McVety), which is something he’s done mostly with past projects. As Mellow Code was started as a solo project with the intent of collaboration, this new single now marks 16 different artists he has worked with on albums, singles, and remixes.

Watch the video for Infinity Nights below:

Having recently designed his own 3D stage for a virtual live show with Strict Tempo, Mellow Code is now planning to showcase other artists’ virtual performances and tour around the world via the internet through interested promoters channels. “Infinity Nights” cover art was created by fellow Crunch Pod artist L, who has also collaborated with Mellow Code both in the studio and on previous live shows. (The original photo for the artwork was taken by LA film photographer Aleksandr Kats.)

NONE OF YOUR CONCERN’s album PRIMER is available and streaming everywhere. The duo are currently brewing up tons of new music. Meanwhile, Mellow Code can be found DJing with his varied styles and influences every Sunday on Twitch.

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