After a three year hiatus, Darkwave duo Minuit Machine have returned with their video for “DRGS”.

Formed in Paris in 2013, by Hélène de Thoury (Hante.), and vocalist Amandine Stioui, the pair described their music as being “disrupted” wave, fusing various influences from the 80s and 90s, altogether producing mesmerizing sounds and dark electronic beats driven by melancholic vocals and engaging lyrics.

Such is the case once again with their mesmerizing video for “DRGS”—where the “U” in “Drugs” is purposefully excised, like a metaphor on how many are coping with the frightening world around us.

Minuit Machine explain:

“DRGS describes the ambivalence of our generation (people in their 20s and 30s), who struggled in a very complex world, in which very serious life-threatening issues are constantly highlighted by the mass media.

How to keep on living, and moving forward with our lives, when we know our future is not in our hands? What’s left to hope for when we seem to be the last generation to survive global warming (as we learn on the television/radio/newspaper)?

DRGS is about living in the moment, dancing, getting wasted, trying to kill any negative thoughts by abusing something—whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sex, or a relationship…

DRGS is about being aware that there is something really wrong with the way our world is going but choosing to silence all our fears, angst, and doubts.

DRGS is both very positive—as it talks about managing to live and enjoy things as they come, and very dark—as it describes self-destruction and denial.”

Watch the video for “DRGS” below:

“DRGS” is featured on Minuit Machine’s forthcoming third studio LP called Infrarouge, set for release on May 13th, 2019.

Minuit Machine will embark on a World Tour in support of the album shortly after the album’s release, performing in Berlin May 19th for Rituals at Suicide Circus along with Die Selektion and Marble Slave, plus Ludi Oktokreuz and Philipp Strobel DJing.

The tour will also see Hélène and Amandine head to North America for dates in NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Canada.

*Featured Photo copyright © Caroline Bonarde

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