We will never see the reformation of society in our lifespan but only the slow collapse. “ – Linkivich

Linkivich is a young new artist from Gold Coast, Australia, unveiling a brief but impactful debut single, “Mad Hatter.” The atmospheric darkwave synth guides us through a feeling of unease and murkiness…a perfect soundtrack for a mystery.

Linkivich, who goes by Link, has been exploring music as a means of expressive communication. Life with autism, she says, has been “like tackling an obstacle course; like living in what seems a foreign world with a foreign language.” Her multitude of passions, however, have found a bountiful wellspring in musical composition.

“I take notice of patterns, and appreciate and find extreme fascination in little details,” she says. “I also love helping people and trying to express my concerns about what I have seen and heard happen on this planet.”

Link used the Emulator II in this track (the same one used by Depeche Mode), as well as a vintage Yamaha RX5 drum machine. Mad Hatter is just a taste to whet your whistle: Linkivich’s forthcoming debut album is planned for this year.

“The gift of life can be used to suffer until death, or to face the adversity, evolve, discover the beauties that Earth has to offer, and search for who you are. I am still only beginning that journey.”

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