Life transitions are hard, especially at a tender age. The classic “sweet 16” traditionally ushers in the first blossoming of womanhood for teen girls, and for many (most), that means them brutal shadow side as well. The track, as well as the title, is combative and direct.  Sometimes the shift into adulthood is simply distant, disconnected and the descent into a battleground.

Appropriately, during this charged eclipse season, French darkwave act Distance H unveils their debut single, “Bitch 16. Distance H is the brainchild of Parisian producer ManuH, in collaboration with a lineup of talented female artists to whom he gives voice as well as his dark and melancholic style.

“Bitch 16″ is in some ways opposed to Sweet 16 and its form of happy, carefree transition,” the band clarifies. “When sweetness gives way to brutality; when detachment gives way to obsession, when desire gives way to disgust.”

Bitch 16 features the rich, passionate vocals of Ophelia (Saigon Blue Rain) and will appear on Distance H’s forthcoming EP, Intimacy. Ophelia brings a 90s flair to the track, bringing to mind Liz Phair, Liz Fraser, and a dash of PJ Harvey’s swagger.

Watch the video below:

The musical universe behind Distance H finds its sources in post-punk, darkwave, cold wave, ethereal, and shoegaze.  Intimacy showcases female singers to “express the distances they wish to take from their experiences” – those that are self-imposed, liberating, or those they would like to avoid.

“It is also for them the distance they allow themselves from their existing projects and worlds,” he clarifies.

“Bitch 16” is currently available on all digital platforms.

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