Dark synthpop duo SUMMORE, a music project originating from central Ohio, consists of Julie (vocals and synth) and Justin (synth and production). Their brooding, hypnotic sound is punctuated with deep arpeggiated synthesizers and juxtaposed with melodic vocals and introspective lyrics.

Their latest single, “Junktown”, is a pulsing journey through an altered state of perception set to music, bringing to mind Ladytron, Kate Bush, and Cocteau Twins. Through the song, Julie’s voice soars high into its own orbiting sphere, tethered only by Justin’s gorgeous synth noodling.

Junktown explores themes of isolation while coping with the struggle of self-worth and human connection in an ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming world,” says the band. The ethereal vocals float over a heavy synth track, pulsing the listener into a state of uneasy calm.

The occult-singed music video is directed by Wesley Morris, a frequent collaborator with SUMMORE. It’s an eerie journey of divination, communion with spirit, and performance from the band.

Watch the video for “Junktown” below:

“Junktown” is featured on SUMMORE’s latest LP Surfaces, which is out now.

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