We are nobody

Cursed is the day that drags us down

We are nobody

We live by the sound, stay underground

Australian singer-songwriter Brigitte Handley (The Dark Shadows) joins forces with Sydney creative collective, Matahari Ranch one again with the soaring single and mysterious new video, “DAYLIGHT”.

“Sometimes dreams and aspirations go beyond the physical world…to where, nobody knows,” says Handley.

“When I began to explore ideas for the Köln – Visions EP, I thought about how I could capture the moods and feelings that this city evoked in me when I first arrived as a stranger in a new land. I wanted to somehow convey the excitement, fear, uncertainty, and wonder I felt in those early moments stepping into a different world that in turn inspired me onto a new path both personally and artistically…Daylight came about by trying to capture a combination of electronica blending with organic sounds and instruments.”

Directed by Evil Twinns and Heart Art Photography, the hypnotic clip dwells in the liminal space between wakefulness and sleep, as Handley casts herself as an ethereal spirit figure transcending planes. Messages, signs, synchronicity.

Watch the video for “Daylight” below:

With dark atmospherics and rich vocals, Köln is a loving tribute to humanity on the precipice of disaster, delivered in a droll as Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant, with nods to the deft precision of Kraftwerk and the hypnotic trance state of Giorgio Moroder.

Köln-Visions is available now streaming, and soon to be out on April 4th via a limited edition Citrus Gold Vinyl Special Edition 12″ Maxi through Select-A-Vision Records, in cooperation with Icy Cold Records France and Audiglobe Distribution Italy. Only 100 copies are available.

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The package will include digi DL codes and a full-colour pull-out poster and lyrics.

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