Darkwave synth maestro Buzz Kullthe music project of Sydney-based producer Marc Dwyer recently made an impressive showing at Wave Gotik Treffen this past May, and continued to garner praise from a kinetic live performance that you don’t often see from a one man show, unless it is artist analog to someone like Martial Canterel or Void Vision.

Today, via Australian label Burning Rose, we are glad to premiere with you the latest Buzz Kull track “Avoiding The Light”—an infectiously retro groove of icy minimal synth whose melody is augmented by the nuanced flourishes that only someone as skilled as Marc Dwyer could create.

The song was written after a near-death experience explains Dwyer:

“It came together pretty much immediately”, he continues, “I was feeling affected and needed to confront my emotions’.

Avoiding The Light is the first single from Dwyer’s forthcoming LP, New Kind Of Cross. This sophomore body of work will be out in late 2018 via Burning Rose, Funeral Party (US) & Avant! Records (EU).

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