Omens of every kind…

await the open mind…

The moon becomes redder on the lunar eclipse, setting the tone for the dreamy, gloomy “Dominoes In Slow Motion” by Redder Moon. Sounding like a classic 4AD-era track via Lush or Cocteau Twins, or perhaps a Julee Cruise cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song, “Dominoes in Slow Motion” exudes the feeling of the slow season after the pandemic. Weaving a dreamlike gauze of Analogue synths, dark rhythms, otherworldly guitars, and soft ethereal vocals, this song melts away reality with its hypnotic melody that wanders the blurred and expansive edges between genres.

Indeed, “Dominoes In Slow Motion” is a psychedelic shoegaze version of guided hypnosis, with the music lulling the listener into complacency and masking the dark lyrics of sheer despair with a touch of gentle melancholy. A siren song of the psyche.

Redder Moon began as a music project for Jeremiah James Gonzales (Knife Crime, Be/Non, Rhunes, Elevator Division, Umberto). A more esoteric sound than much of his other work, the sentiment of a melodic post-apocalypse slowly developed for the first seven years (also involving past founding member Matthew Naquin of The San Mateo. He was later joined by Brody Lowe (Loqsa), who contributed layered synths and dance undertones of the moody, mostly instrumental music. Jill McKeever – violinist, singer, and perfumer, joined as a vocalist/lyricist in 2020, setting off a chain of strange synchronicities.

“…The band was created of sheer necessity to express the gloom of the age,” says Gonzales. “Jill happened to track the vocals for the song “Hell is Other People” during the insurrection on Jan 6th, and this Sartre quote became the title of the finished album.”

With the three elements meeting and intersecting one another in acute angles, the trio created a body of work including not only music, but a multi-faceted creation machine that sees no distinction between art and existence. “The complete triangle,” they say.

Watch the dreamy video for “Dominoes In Slow Motion”, directed by Kevin McKinny, below:

Redder Moon’s forthcoming new album has a dark, cynical post-punk vibe…with unexpected twists of darkwave. shoegaze, dance, and hip-hop elements. From the title “Hell is Other People” to the sentiment “We’re like dominoes in slow motion” and “wasn’t he into those filtered internet girls?” this album is a direct reaction to the chaos of 2020. Hell Is Other People was mixed and mastered by Ross Brown (Shy Boys/Polyvinyl Records) with Eureka Mastering (Mike Nolte) preparing it for vinyl.

Hell Is Other People will be released digitally and on vinyl on the 5th of November.

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