Before the storm this autumn—which sees the release of dark post-punk act Secret Shame’s debut LP Dark Synthetics, the band have unveiled the album’s second single “Calm”.

Following “Dark”, “Calm”, is another masterful composition culled from the seven-song album’s guitar-driven melodies and fervent vocals, which cascade like rain down the face of a windowsill rattled by thunder.

But “Calm”, bearing the LP’s name “Dark Synthetics” in its lyrics, is far from it—exploring the harrowing anguish of abuse suffered from narcissism, gaslighting, and violence enabled in a toxic relationship, fitting in with the album’s the overarching theme of mental health.

Vocalist Lena explains:

“This was one that started with random melodies being figured out completely in the moment, in our practice space at the time. It became a full song within the hour of writing it. It’s a pit of a song, a slap in the face to both parties involved. This song is about domestic abuse.”

Listen to Calm below:

Secret Shame are self-releasing Dark Synthetics on September 6th—the day before they perform their biggest show to date at the renowned Hopscotch Music Festival in North Carolina, along with Moon Duo, and Chvrches.

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