When I look in your eyes,

It’s clear you are searching

But I don’t think for me

A brand new video is afoot from Italian-American outfit Nuovo Testamento. The Searcher, the third single from the trio’s forthcoming album New Earth, comes on the heels of previous releases Michelle Michelle and Vanity.

Frontwoman and vocalist Chelsey Crowley mesmerizes in the video for The Searcher, which encapsulates the joie de vivre of dance floor reverie as we hold new lease on life. With pandemic restrictions lifting at last across the country, this message is a welcome shift. Grave Realm co-founder Gamal Sharaf El Deen (Chernobyl) directed the video, which features a veritable Who’s Who of the LA music scene: Riki, Colin Peterson (Terminal A), Sarah Schimek, Victor Andrade (Slash DanceAurat.)

“This video was the product of passion, connection and sincerity,” says G.S.E.D told Lethal Amounts for the video’s premiere. “The images contained are expressions of the lives captured within – brought together by the beat of Nuovo Testamento’s love letter to the dance floor…This was a work of reflected truth made not for any targeted market or demographic, but for and from the hearts of all involved and of all who see themselves in the fervor of the night we encapsulated.“

Indeed, the joyful clip ushers in a new dawn for nightlife with all the luscious, laser-soaked shimmering Italodisco you could ask for. It’s pure, unapologetic fun, beautifully filmed in celebration of the return of shadowy dancefloor magic.

Watch the video for ‘The Searcher” below:

Nuovo Testamento is the Los Angeles & Bologna-based trio – supergroup, even – comprised of Chelsey Crowley, Andrea Mantione, and Giacomo Zatti, familiar faces from the bands Horror Vacui, Sheer Mag, Tørsö, Terremoto, and Crimson Scarlet.

New Earth is out June 30th on Italy’s AVANT! Records. US Distribution through Torn Light Records.

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