With unmistakable intensity, the Brooklyn-based trio, Cuneiform, premieres their song “Unmake” from their upcoming debut LP, Reverse. Due out on September 24th, the album is an assembly of heady shoegaze and blistering industrial—layered, fuzzy elements that writhe and roar overtop a demanding beat. “Unmake,” featuring vocals by Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess and mixed by Skinny Puppy collaborator, Dave Ogilvie, is indicative of the album’s fierce presence as her inherently powerful voice bleeds over the funereal march of the track with intense emotion. The sorrow and pain found in the tiresome cycle of indulgence, regret, and the repetition of it—specifically when it comes to substance abuse and addiction—is felt in “Unmake” as Funchess’ tortured, raw delivery of vocals grieve with the weight of shame. This is not music for the faint of heart, no, but for those who understand the weight of struggle and the loneliness that comes along with it.

Cuneiform—who consists of vocalist and producer Sam Tyndall, guitarist Adam De Rosa, and drummer Spencer Kiss—is a project that, while focusing on the jarring noise of early 90s industrial and shoegaze (think Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine),  pull from the classic rock of Love & Rockets and 1970s art rock such as Berlin-era Bowie’s Low. This breeding ground of influence allows for Cuneiform to tiptoe between pop sensibilities and the extremities of harsh industrial sounds with Reverse. Stream below:

Reverse is out on September 24th. Preorder here.

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