Coldwave composer Profligate has unveiled the video for “Hang Up, a brilliant clip filmed alone in the depths of a basement during quarantine by project maestro Noah Anthony.

“Hang Up”, a song that “urges the artist’s younger self to trust his instincts during chaos”, is a dark synth journey lit by luminous keys, quivering beats, driving bass, and deliberate post-punk guitar accents, all overlaid with a sonorously smooth vocal croon that reverberates with brilliantly earnest lyrics such as:

“Nothing you create but love penetrates”.

Watch the video below:

“Hang Up” is the first single from Profligate’s new album Too Numb to Know a record that explores the themes of growth, reflection, and change.

The creation of Too Numb to Know spanned coast to coast, as Noah Anthony had recorded his first demos in Philadelphia before relocating to Los Angeles, a city he found both creatively challenging and emotionally depleting. After the theft of his computer—and with it the work he’d done on the new album in L.A.—Anthony listened to a friend, who suggested he move to Cleveland, Ohio. It was there that Anthony finally finished the Too Numb to Know, and added contributions from allies like Matchess, Lazy Magnet, Gel Set, and Missions, among others.

Too Numb to Know is the followup to 2018’s Somewhere Else, and is set for release on September 25th, 2020 via Wharf Cat Records. You can Pre-order LP/CD/Special Edition LP here directly through the label.

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