Following the brooding gothic darkness of “The Promised Land”, radiant stalwarts of the underground music scene, Cold Cave have returned “Night Light”.

The luminous single is one of the seven, heralding the band’s forthcoming seven-track studio album Fate In Seven Lessons, and is awash in 80s synthpop nostalgia, reminiscent of New Order’s Temptation, or the poetic daydream melancholia of The Wake.

The song is a forlorn dance track brimming love and longing while stuck in the timeless amber of a heavy heart that yearns for a brighter tomorrow. It’s about “clinging to love the way people cling to religion and escaping the trappings of time. It’s an ode to the light in the dark, and end of the night anthem for everything you wish you said,” comments Cold Cave’s Wesley Eisold.

Watch the video for “Night Light” below:

Fate In Seven Lessons promises to encompass all of Cold Cave’s yesterdays while moving forward towards a new dawn. Here their music is at its most profound and heartfelt, combining brooding and romantic, sexy synth-driven neo-psychedelia goth

The new album, Fate In Seven Lessons, will be available on 12inch vinyl, 12inch picture disc, and digital formats on June 11th.

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