It’s almost the 10 year anniversary of the Cocteau Twins’ ill-fated and canceled Coachella reunion gig and world tour—and a curious thing happened on their official Facebook page the other day. A mysterious post appeared —presenting in alphabetical order the supposed final lineup for the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona Spain.  My heart nearly exploded as I read Line 4 as listing the Cocteau Twins!!! I was not alone in my suprise—as this also prompted this quizzical posting below:

Brooklyn Vegan reached out to Simon Raymonde to get a confirm or deny on this reunion rumour, and this is what he had to say:

Simon Raymonde to BrooklynVegan:

Really? I’m in the studio producing an album with The Duke Spirit at the moment so not looking at my phone much I’m afraid so I’ve managed to avoid this particular rumour so far!

There can’t be many more bands left to reform can there, so I guess we are ripe for these kinda spoofs? I recently freaked out when I got an alert from my Bandsintown app telling me “Talking Heads are playing soon”. It was sadly just a poetry night with the band name as the subtitle for the evening’s entertainment. Crushing disappointment. So I can only imagine the potential anxiety level for our lovely loyal fans who will always yearn for our reunion even though they all understand it is as unlikely as a veteran Michael Gira performing a nightly residency at The Aladdin in Las Vegas. (A few of us might pay to see that though!)

Simon x

I practically have PSTD with all these Cocteau Twins reunion hopes being raised and dashed!  This wasn’t helped by Robin Guthrie’s Official Facebook page posting of the flyer from the Cocteau Twins’ debut gig opening for The Birthday Party back in 1982:

Interesting to note despite any oblique denials, is that only a few months ago, Ride were revealed to be playing Primavera in a very similarly leaked fashion—and as indicated in our recent interview with Robin Guthrie—there were plans for him to tour Ride frontman Mark Gardener in support of their recent delayed collaboration album Universal Road…

The final Primavera Sound lineup will be posted on January 21st.  

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