The brilliant Sun’s Signature, comprised of Cocteau Twins’ heavenly soprano Elizabeth Fraser and her partner Damon Reece (Massive Attack; Echo & The Bunnymen), have unveiled their bewitching new song”Apples”.

Clocking in at seven and a half minutes, the beguiling track floats through the ether with sparse guitar and otherworldly chimes. The song, seemingly composed and presented straight from the heavens, is a beautiful addition to its two predecessors from the album, “Golden Air” and “Underwater”. Fraser’s voice is impeccable in this track, an angelic presence from the spirit realm crossed over to the mortal world delivering a tour-de-force performance.

Fraser and Reece began working on the songs on Sun’s Signature after the 1997 breakup of Cocteau Twins, and the culmination of their labour is incredible indeed. “Apples” is the third single from their self-titled EP, due out this Saturday via Partisan Records (for Record Store Day), with a digital release following on 29th July.

Listen below:

The songs “Golden Air” and “Make Lovely the Day” by Sun’s Signature previously made their live debut when Fraser performed solo at the 2012 Meltdown Festival.

The new EP will be the first release by Fraser since 2009’s “Moses”, a song she’d written with Damon Reece and the late Jake-Drake Brockman.

Sun Signature is out on June 18th via Partisan Records.

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