Photograph by Chris Garnham.

Ethereal post-punk legends Cocteau Twins have announced the reissues if both their 1982 debut album Garlands, and their fourth studio LP Victorialand (1986) on vinyl through label 4AD.

Both of the reissues are set to arrive on March 20th and will feature remastered audio pressed to 140-gram vinyl, with the 23 Envelope design artwork of designer Vaughan Oliver and artist Nigel Grierson faithfully reproduced.

Oliver, who designed the cover artwork of many of 4AD’s most beloved releases, passed away at 62 this past December.

The reissue of Cocteau Twins debut album Garlands marks the first time since 2009 that it has been in print on vinyl and the first time since the 1980s that Victorialand has been issued in that format as well-

Previously In 2018, Cocteau Twins received vinyl reissues of their second and third albums Head Over Heels and Treasure.

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