Chicago-based duo GRÜN WASSER conjure a night of mesmerizing minimal synth and psychedelia in their video for “Translator”, a track off the pair’s newly release LP Not Ok with Things, issued via Holodeck records.

The video, created by Zoe Zag and vocalist Keely Dowd, sees Dowd donning white and blue masks with Catlow Manard, as they wander the night in psychedelic reverie, stopping to light up cloves in the back of a parked car, all the while speeding up and slowing down with the expressional pops that occur where synth meets Shulgin’s synthetics.

Translator’s hypnotic beats and synth lines build slowly, eerily showcasing Dowd’s vocal character as she articulates long trailing pitch bends, sound effects, and half whispers. Phrases are repeated in clusters or drawn out into revolving cycles to accentuate the relentless kick drum and experimental percussion.

“Translator” perfectly sets the tone and anticipation for the rest of the album to unfold.

Watch the video for Translator below:

“Translator” is featured GRÜNWASSER’s new album on Not Ok with Things out Today, October 4, 2019, through Holodeck Records.

The album was mixed by Essej Pollock, the other half of GRÜNWASSER, and was mastered by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv.

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