In the light of night
A loveless maze
Fear of consequence
Passing through the gates

Canadian post-punk/new wave quartet ACTORS returns with a stunning new video for Like Suicide. Ever mysterious and cryptic, the band’s mastermind, Jason Corbett, has revealed one succinct quote about the mesmerizing track’s production that highlights his trademark vocal croon:

“You know that feeling of being in love with someone that’s bad for you? Like, really bad? It’s like shooting yourself in the foot, but worse.”

By the sound of it, this sounds far worse than the kind of love that the Buzzcocks Pete Shelley sang about…

Watch the video for Like Suicide below:

ACTORS borrows from the best of mid-80s synth-pop, but they surprise you by jumping out from behind a corner with a juicy vampire bite of sinister chords. ACTORS debuted in 2018 with It Will Come to You (Artoffact Records). The band has since toured the USA, Canada, and Europe, hitting Terminus Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Cold Waves, Infest, and A Murder of Crows along the way.

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