Buzzcocks vocalist and guitarist Pete Shelley has died at the age of 63 of a suspected heart attack this Thursday. Shelley died in Estonia where he was living.

His death was confirmed to the BBC by the band’s management.

Additionally, the news of the legendary Manchester punk singer’s passing was also confirmed today by his brother.

Pete Shelley was born on April 17th, 1955. He formed his trailblazing punk band Buzzcocks in 1975 with fellow schoolmate Howard Devoto. The band made their live debut opening for The Sex Pistols at their seminal 1976 gig in Manchester. The band would then release their debut EP, Spiral Scratch, in 1977.

After Devoto’s departure, Shelley led the band through three classic records and a series of stellar singles, each track led by Shelley’s trademark vocals and the band’s motorik-inspired blasts of pure punk energy. 

Shelley would trade in guitars for synthesizers and embark upon a solo career for much of the 1980s, penning such hits as “Telephone Operator” and “Homosapien,” before reuniting Buzzcocks in 1989. 

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