Mark your calendars, children of the night. World Goth Day (22 May) will serve as the launch date for UNEARTH’D, a new compilation of darkwave, deathrock, art rock, and post-punk from Broken Sound Tapes.

UNEARTH’D found its origins a few years ago as a promotion for local bands in the underground scene. Broken Sound’s label boss Michael Wood reached out to friends whose music he enjoyed and began doing small runs of tapes and CDs. “I also did some reissues of 80s and 90s punk and indie bands like Scott Free, Ground, The Curtains, The Drag, and more,” he says. “Last year, I decided to stray from the cassette-only format and put out a 7” when my band, M is We, decided to do a split with another local post-punk band, Night Battles.  Both bands will end up on UNEARTH’D.”

In celebration of World Goth Day, Broken Sound will release the latest crop of goodies from the netherworld. The compilation album will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. Some of the bands on this offering were featured in’s best of 2020 lists. Included in this collection are Horror Vacui’s “Lost”, Secret Shame’sStorm”, Entertainment’s Voyeur, Cold Choir’s Paper Flowers, and Feeding Fingers’ Goodbyes That Last For Years.

“Ironically or not, we will announce and open pre-orders on Valentine’s Day, to give everyone the opportunity for the perfect last-minute gift!” says Wood.

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  1. Dead Cells – Listen
  2. Horror Vacui – Lost
  3. Vision Video – Static Drone
  4. Secret Shame – Storm
  5. Feeding Fingers – Goodbyes That Last For Years
  6. Solemn Shapes – Concealed
  7. Vincas – Let Me In (Dream Tent remix)
  8. Entertainment – Voyeur (single edit)
  9. M is We – Arts and Krafts
  10. Night Battles – Summer of Loathe 
  11. Cold Choir – Paper Flowers (bonus track)
  12. The Machine In The Garden – Beyond (bonus track)
  13. Dispel – Journey into Limbo (bonus track )

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