British Post-Punk Veterans 1919 premiere their video for “Anxiety”—a track to be featured on their forthcoming third studio album Futurcide.

1919 were formed in late 1980 Bradford, UK, and were one of the band’s championed by Legendary Dj John Peel as early contributor to the emerging Gothic Rock genre.

Having returned more than 30 years after disbanding with 2016’s Death Note EP, Mark Tighe and Mick Reed, the band’s original core members, had enlisted bassist Karl Donner and a new vocalist Rio Goldhammer. The result was their second album Bloodline, which was the long awaited follow-up to 1983’s Machine LP. However the new record’s release in 2017 would come under tragic circumstances, hitting the shelves shortly after losing guitarist Tighe to cancer in January of that year.

Futurecide charts the journey of 1919 through this fraught and turbulent period: suffering tragedy, coping with loss, and eventually finding a cautious optimism. The song “Anxiety” and accompanying video, filmed at Leeds’ The Wardrobe, places us right at the start of that journey, with the band’s personal anguish and insecurity amplified by an increasingly unnerving socio-political landscape.

Regarding the video, singer Rio Goldhammer had this to say:

“It will come as little surprise to anyone who’s followed us in recent years to hear that we’re only alive as a band today because of a promise we made to a friend, one without whom we’d never have been brought together. But, whatever the weather outside, no matter the news, or the hardship of the day or the week, whether there is an audience or none, we’re still here wanting to drum, strum, and sing. I think the video says that too.”

The album is out worldwide on Cleopatra Records in 2019.

Meanwhile following several gigs, included one opening for Gene Love Jezebel, the 1919 are set to perform at the legendary punk gathering Rebellion Festival next August.

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