Electronic post-punk act Zeropolis is a catchy and infectious project formed last year by two French musicians living in exile in London—a pair who despite being on the other side of the channel, maintain the coldwave grooves of their motherland.

Describing their dark and frenetic the duo describe their music thus:

“We make drum machine-driven songs with a danceable approach that still have the doom and gloom vibe any good post-punk act should”.

In their blue and toothy video for “Your Life”, the band describe the ever-present anxiety of always being watched, examined, and scrutinized through someone’s electronic feed in our modern surveillance-based society:

“The song describes how Internet spying has turned us into a stalking society, and how these tools are now turning against us. What happens when every moment of our life is shared publicly, when governments can track huge numbers of people using CCTV, when police can digitally tail you around a city just by uploading your mugshot into a database, etc.

As for the video, the idea was to create the impression of a “digital eye” having access to all sorts of data – from the most intimate to anything already out in the open.
We directed it ourselves with limited resources, confined to a bedroom with nothing else but an iPhone camera and a wireless connection, which ironically proves the very point of the track.”

Watch the video below:

Zeropolis’ debut EP will be out on January 31st. Vinyl and digital copies to be issued via FDH Records (USA) and cassette release (already sold out) via Blank Editions (UK).

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The record’s release party is on Saturday, March 14th at New River Studios (London) with Desire.

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