Berlin hypnotic post-punk act Kamoos, founded by sultry and charismatic London-born frontwoman, Juliette Wallace, have unveiled their video for “Ice Cream”.

This scorching new single is the band’s third, following “Slow Demise (of the Brain and the Bust)”—and their fantastic debut “X-Ray Me”—all three issued via local indie label Duchess Box Records.

Mesmeric guitars and heavy sauntering bass-lines evoke a dark cabaret pop vibe on this outing, overlaid with seductive vocals with a burning rhythm led by catchy synth melody, that is made “for those of us who prefer a cold beer and a smoke to frozen yoghurt and a fruit-bowl.”

Watch the video for “Ice Cream” below:

Kamoos, formed British ex-pat living in Berlin, has melted into various shapes over the past few years, with each new member brought into the mix bringing out something different in Juliette’s unique and catchy writing style.

Today, two of the Three Marias, Francesco Calore and Jamie Holland, make up the guitar section of the group whilst local badass drummer, Josephine Oleak (also active in Voodoo Beach), is on the drums.

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