A day of rest
Becomes a week
This darkened guest
Won’t let me speak…

Berlin post-punk outfit Yetzt returns with the new video for their latest single, “MSYA.”

The Anglo-German band, comprised of Kie Dawson, Tjorben Reimer, Felix Riedel, and Tobias Kraller, plays edgy, energetic post-punk that forever finds itself on the precipice of chaos. With a sound comparable to Gang of Four, The Hives, Maxïmo Park, and Uranium Club, the band has released a short clip to illustrate the contrasting moods and atmosphere of the track. The song initially vacillates between 90s alt-rock and indie pop (especially the post-punk revival vocal), giving way to a surprise ascending guitar riff that is both uplifting and anthemic and could have been something written during the mid-80s.

“MSYA…went through a few different versions of lyrics and music, especially once we started playing live frequently until we got to a version we think suits the band’s style and direction,” says the band. “It’s one of our favourites to play at concerts, and it seems like one of the favourites of our fans to sing along to.”

The video is a surrealist romp through the countryside, as the band emerges quite literally from dust and sand, running to play their instruments in an orchard until the night falls and they’re surrounded by darkness.  It’s dreamlike, whimsical, and calls to mind early Beatles videos as well as XTC.

Watch the video, directed by Ole Villwock and Eric Terrey, below:

MSYA, the new single from Yetzt, is off of their forthcoming debut EP Normal Things.

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