Berlin glam-punk trio Lobsterbomb have unveiled their enigmatic new video for their track “Starting Over”, the band’s second single with Duchess Box Records.

Lobsterbomb (Nico Rosch, Vik Ch,i and Crayon Jones) formed during the early phase of the pandemic in 2020, writing music that draws on surrounding fears and frustrations with an optimistic desire. Carpe diem is their M.O. Recorded DIY-style at their Neukölln rehearsal studio, the two-chord track gives a classic punk rock vibe but with a fresh contemporary feeling.

Diamonds in the rough with their approach to music, their scrappy roots creep up under their flamboyant yet polished veneer. Crayon describes the fun, fast and catchy song “as if one was driving through a desert with the wind in their hair,” like from a scene from Thelma & Louise. 

“The song is about leaping into the unknown in an effort to find a more fulfilling, authentic life,” she says. “Trying to find freedom and not feeling obliged to follow the expected path. Despite an element of nervousness and fear, there is a knowledge that it is the right thing to do and an underlying sense of optimism that remains throughout.”

The charming DIY video sees the band frolicking in nature, becoming one with the forest.

Watch below:

Lobsterbomb will be going on a German tour soon. Here are the dates below.

Live Dates:

  • 19.08. Dresden Chew you up Festival
  • 20.08. Wiesbaden FemFest
  • 31.08. Münster, Sputnik Café (support for Pabst)
  • 01.09. Köln, Bumann & Sohn (support for Pabst)
  • 02.09. Hannover, Lux (support for Pabst) 03.09. Rock am Löschteich, Drewitz
  • 04.09. Berlin, Lido (support for Pabst)
  • 08.09. Hamburg Astra Stube
  • 09.09. Kiel Hansa 48
  • 07.10. Kreuzlingen Horst Klub
  • 08.10. Freiburg Slowclub
  • 26.11. Landau Fatal

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