Shall we start a little fire? So we make it to the other side of night/I see great potential in our unfamiliarity/It’s the only church, where we might both confess

Picture it: Berlin, recent past. A drunk fight, a broken wrist…and a drummer is reborn as a guitarist. This is the tale of one Sid Vision, né Sidney Klein, an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist “with a taste for seventies Mellotron grandeur à la early Genesis…and the spherical sound excess of the last two Talk Talk records.”

This is an apt description for Sid Vision’s latest ballad, Anything Between A Man Or A Woman. The fist pumping track about the temporary pleasures of a reckless night of sin is accompanied by a gorgeous video directed by Sid Vision and Falco Seliger. It’s a bizarrely-arranged tune, rife with strings and unusual key changes. Sid Vision’s powerful wailing keeps the listener in rapt attention of what could possibly happen next. The band’s sound cannot be pigeonholed; they rein in elements of earnest mid-80s power ballads, synthwave, chamber pop and the ghost of Jeff Buckley.

After the unfortunate wrist incident, the inventive songwriter embarked on a decade-long quest for his own individual musical language. Enlisting the talents of his brother Paul on drums, the band released their self-produced debut album Feverish in 2019. The collection presents a haunting collection of enigmatic songs and sounds, spanning genres and baffling labels and the music press alike.

After a personnel shift, Sidney rearranged Sid Vision as his solo project, bringing onboard a four-piece band consisting of Juls Kirchmer (drums), Marc Gundermann (bass) and Erik Zaiser (keys). He subsequently released the space pop hymn Week 67, raising his voice for youth in protest during the global climate crisis.

After a wild year of touring both solo with Sid Vision and as a hired gun for Berlin punks Vizediktator, he is currently back in his self-built studio working on his next sound-shifting album, due for release in Spring 2021.

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