Berlin Atonal, the world’s premiere electronic music and visual art festival’s 2017 edition is upon us. The Festival, s originally started 25 years ago in 1982 at the legendary So36 (Often cited as being ‘The CBGB’S of Berlin’). During it’s original iteration, Post-Punk and Industrial acts like Test Dept, Cabaret VoltairePsychic TV, Malaria!, and Einstürzende Neubauten performed on the bill. You can see Mark Reeder and Muriel Grey walk past an Atonal poster during the Berlin Tube Special, whose footage was used for B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin.

Since it’s revival in 2013, it has been located at the aptly titled Kraftwerk, at the Tresor complex in Mitte. Mark has been djing at OHM every year since the revival, and this year is no exception.

We were there last year and one of 3 off of our favorite performances were JK Flesh & OrphxDrew McDowall, and Silent Servant and Phase Fatale at the Jealous God stage on Friday night.

Here is our list of recommendations for each of the 5 days of Atonal this year:

Wednesday Night

OKTOPHONIE Karlheinz Stockhausen
Wolf Eyes

Thursday Night

Demdike Stare with visuals from Michael England.
Damien Dubrovnik presents Great Many Arrows
Abul Mogard
Mark Reeder Dj Set

Friday Night

Puce Mary presents A Feast Before the Drought
Roly Porter + Paul Jebanasam present ALTAR
Belief Defect

Saturday Night

Broken English Club
Inga Mauer

Sunday Night

Varg presents Nordic Flora
Chloe Wise (with Varg)
Sky H1
Swan Meat
Varg + AnnaMelina present FLORA
Pact Infernal
Pan Daijing presents Fist Piece
DJ Stingray

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