On October 16th, 1981 the ‘Godfathers of Goth’ Bauhaus released their second studio album Mask. The record contained the singles “Kick in The Eye” and “The Passion of Lovers”, which expanded the instruments in the band’s sonic repertoire with the latter song’s use of keyboards and acoustic guitars, and the former song’s funky rhythms and saxophones courtesy of guitarist Daniel Ash, also featured on the tracks “Dancing” and “In Fear of Fear”.

Ash also designed the album’s cover art, a precursor to his Bubbleman Designs which would later take shape on the band’s 4 LP Burning From The Inside, and with his band Love and Rockets.

The video for the album’s title track was filmed in an abandoned Victorian shoe factory in Northampton, seemingly paying homage the Hammer Horror films of the 70’s. The band were not authorized to film there, and had to sneak in and out for the production.

Mask is a definite Gothic Rock and Post-Punk record—highlighting the cohesive songwriting of Daniel AshDavid JKevin Haskins and Peter Murphy, all working together at their very best.

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