Defying labels, avant-garde synth chanteuse Tellavision channels irregular prog-driven synth melodies and krautrock experimentations like some sort of Erasmus student honing her craft alongside David Byrne over at RISD circa the 1970s.

Such undefinable strangeness is encapsulated the video for “Gone to Stay” the third single from her latest album Add Land, recently issued by Bureau B.

Thematically in “Gone to Stay”, Tellavision explores those unbearable moments of perceptions warping she has experienced in her past, through the lens of her now strengthened resolve.

“Back in the day when I had to leave my home I walked outside the hallway, the space around me got blurry and deformed. It felt like my chest everted inside out, leaving a hole. A strange feeling of pain. But that was not reality, it was caused by my fear.”

Nowadays when I’m afraid, I know how to handle it better, it no longer controls me. I even tend to go where my fear is because only when you face it you can grow. It is your body, your fear, your life, and love that lies in your hands.”

In the spectral video for “Gone to Stay”, coloured in swaths of magenta, blue, turquoise,  Director Gloria de Oliveira takes visual cues from Dario Argento’s 1977 Giallo classic Suspiria with further references are L’enfer by Clouzot and Chelsea Girls by Warhol. altogether evoking a striking atmosphere of both fearfulness and intimacy.

Watch the video for “Gone to Stay” below:

Add Land is out now. Order Here

Live Dates

  • 24.10.2019 München, Milla Club
  • 30.10.2019 Hamburg, Nachtasyl
  • 31.10.2019 Köln, Britney im Schauspiel
  • 01.11.2019 Freiburg, Slowclub
  • 21.12.2019 Greiz, Siebenhitze

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