Avant-Garde Darkwave performer Kenneth Marez Jr. aka Ken Fury is an artist working in multiple mediums including, music, painting, jewelry, dance, photography, and filmmaking. Fury hails from Pueblo, Colorado, with his origins descending from Native American and Hispano bloodlines originally from New Mexico. His art explores the duality of nature— creation and destruction with an emphasis on multi-dimensional figurations, abstractions, and spaces, eroticism, spirituality, and transformation.

“My art is part of one expanding environment that focuses on stimulating all the senses while relying on intuition to create spontaneous works that attempt to pierce the core of emotion and spirit,” explains Fury.

Ken Fury currently resides in Elmhurst, Queens where he wrote and produced his fourth album Rain over Clouds. The album expands on his Native roots back home in Colorado and New Mexico mixed with futuristic, sci-fi, and romantic themes that weave in and out of a surreal world and the reality in his day to day life on earth. He filmed the video for the song Distance of Eyes in Northern New Mexico where his ancestors have been for thousands of years…

“I wanted to represent my connection to my ancestral past in my own way that is creative and original, in which I hope gives the viewers and listeners an experience of Contemporary Native arts and how diverse we are, instead of what is stereotypical portrayed most of the time…”

Rain over Clouds was made in his studio apartment in NYC using a mix of analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, theremin, and an electric guitar and bass.

Regarding the album track and video “Distance of Eyes”, a cacophony of hypnotic sounds aptly matching the imagery and vistas of his heritage, Fury explains:

“Distance of Eyes is the connection beyond time and space, where we can connect to everyone in our past but also the future.”

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