“In Australia – everyone is so comfortable and complacent. But nothing works! And the people in charge are playing us all for fools.”

In an age where the rich can just fly to space on a whim while the poor can barely pay rent, the concept of synth duo FM-2030’s passionate new single “RI$€ U₽!” has never been more relevant. Adam Outson softly croons “there’s no time to remember decency, rise up” with a gentleness belying its purpose: a direct threat to the powers that be. This concept is in the same vein as their debut single, “€AT TH€ RICH”.

The duo’s industrial/doom/dreamscape sound combines the pop sensibilities of Aqua, the artistic post-punk stylings of The Knife, and the political passion of early U2, Midnight Oil, and R.E.M.

The music video for “RI$€ U₽!”, created and directed by Adam Ouston, perfectly encapsulates their dire message with intercut footage of protests and riots from around the world and their own original characters swaddled in a post-apocalyptic wardrobe, designed by Michelle Boyde. These characters, representing two opposing forces of destruction and regeneration, are set against an industrial backdrop as they deliver their dystopian rally cry. It is a clever visualization of the lyrics and an entrancing performance.

‘We wanted the sounds to be of the landscape, so we did a lot of recording of scraping, banging and clanging against industrial structures around the island, as well as sighing and singing into huge abandoned mining tunnels.’

Watch the video for “RI$€ U₽!” below:

FM-2030 is Launceston-based musician Tash Parker (PARKER, Runaway Belles) and Hobart-based musician and writer Adam Ouston (COSTUME). Having performed together in their individual guises, the pair felt the need to collaborate on a project that gave vent to their shared frustrations and need for catharsis. Their fury and shouting for change is summed up in the music, which uses a variety of unique, often industrial, sounds, primal beats, tribal chants, horror film soundtracks, and expansive synths.

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