Australian post-punk act It Knows has unveiled the video for “Shapeshifter”, a song taken from the project’s newly released six-song album Seen.

Helmed by a mysterious producer/songwriter From Adelaide, South Australia, It Knows has been creating sounds relatively anonymously for close to a decade joining in on a few collaborations along the way.

While the sounds woven throughout the minimalist compositions are brimming with lo-fi familiarity and urgency, the lyrical content of the music is shrouded and obscured in deep symbolism.

“Shapeshifter” in particular, is a languid and polymorphous melange of drumbeats and grooves that would be at home with the psychedelic excursions previously taken by madcap Madchester heroes The Happy Mondays.

Watch the video for “Shapeshifter” below:

It Knows’ latest album Seen is out now.

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