Australian trio G.U.N has had enough of isolation, and explodes its fury with a hard-hitting noise stream of consciousness, with their explicit new single, that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of this surreal and dystopian era that human beings are experiencing worldwide.

Called “Fucker”, the track questions the illusory distance between us as individuals versus society as a whole.

“There is only one degree of separation: the idea that you’re separate.” The reality is, we are all interconnected, we are a collective. Part slam poem, part exorcism, the track is as powerful and confrontational as it is emotional. The rapid-fire spewing of raw emotion amidst fuzz guitars and relentless percussion takes an honest look at societal meltdown in the wake of human conflict, pandemic trauma, and the frustrations of modern life.

Listen below”

Standing for GALVANIC. UNAPOLOGETIC. NOISE, the band is fronted by Nathan Dick (Dog Dick Pink). G.U.N formed during the Sydney Covid-19 lockdown with the addition of Frxci Murphy (Dog Dick Pink, Marilyn Maria) and Roberto Kialc (Cold/Heat, Enclave). Their friendship was forged finding and sharing a similar taste and appreciation for experimental music, and they quickly and naturally began creating their own together.

The group plans to release a larger body of work, of which Fucker is the first offering. G.U.N. is passionate about its community and place within, and consider Fucker a reflection of this earnestness. They acknowledge their presence on Gadigal land, also known as the city of Sydney.

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