1. Following the unveiling of their star-crossed and magickal video for “Capulet Loves Montague”, gothic music heroes  Astari Nite have revealed the video for another track featured on their recently released collection of macabre and morose songs: Here Lies.

As Astari Nite’s melancholic maestro Mychael explains:

“I cannot deny the fact that clenching onto misery fascinates me. I mean, to catch a feeling through the air and allow it to play the strings of my heart continuously, has its own way of sharing a bit of comfort deep inside. Perhaps it is a form of selfish isolation, I like to think of it as an easier way to smile.”

Watch the video for “Leave Winter on the Ground” below:

“Leave Winter on the Ground” is featured on Astari Nite’s latest album Here Lies which is out now via Negative Gain and Danse Macabre Records.

Here Lies is a peculiar set of songs that professes the band’s views on the curiosity of magick and theories of love sworn to secrecy. Astari Nite was also given the chance to tell a story about cats, Christmas, Paganism, wondering what it’s like to be a girl, butterflies, and outer space. All these thoughts were merely inside, floating around somewhere, desperately wanting to be spoken about. They were heavily inspired by a handful of nameless perfect people. Post-Punk up and comers Twin Tribes and Wisborg provide remixes.

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