Ash Code have premiered today the video for the song “Perspektive”—the title track from their upcoming third full-length album that across its eleven compositions explores stories of the past and visions of a hypothetical dystopian future from the prescience of William Gibson and Philip K, Dick,  to the current reality of “keyboard warriors”, and technological enslavement, with the slight possibility of humanity’s redemption.

Pic by Francesca Parità

On how that redemption may be found, the band explains:

“We believe that every point of view is worthy of respect, every personal ‘perspective’. Ethical law is ‘respect’ par excellence, which originates from an empathetic feeling towards the others. If we learn to perceive each and every other person, even different species, while remaining ourselves, there won’t be anything negative in that”.

“Perspektive”, the band’s first foray into singing entirely in German, features additional vocals from Die Selektion’s Luca Gillian.

In writing the song, Ash Code elaborate:

“We wrote the text nauseated by the current world of online media, fake news and ‘keyboard warriors’ fury. …It definitely wasn’t easy to write in German and we have to thank some of our German friends and Luca Gillian of Die Selektion for this.”

On a musical level we have tried to craft something really different from the past; rhythmically and using e-bow on the Bass VI and a Micro[D] even. An handmade instrument that can be played like a violin or through hitting.

The video was created by Elio De Filippo again and representing a bleak future where emotions are synthetic products poured into artificial avatars, unable to raise love and destined to shut down by boredom. From an unconventional perspective where no one tried to gaze ever… an eternal flow of ignition, simulation, suffering, extinction.”

The album also features mixing and mastering from She Past Away’s Doruk Ozturkcan and is “enriched with remixes by artists of the electronic, darkwave and industrial scene: Agent Side Grinder, Hante, We Are Temporary, The Ne-21, She Pleasures Herself and Selfishadows.”


Ash Code’s Perspketive will be available via Swiss Dark Nights / Manic Depression Records on 18th May, 2018 in a limited edition of 2000 CD and 500 vinyl copies, as well as digital formats.

The first 30 days of preorder will include special items and rarities only available during that time.

Pre-Order Here

Confirmed Tour dates:

  • 27.04.18 IT – Bologna, Neuropa Festival w/ Gang Of Four, New Model Army
  • 05.05.18 IT – Prato, Exenzia Club
  • 18.05.18 DE – Leipzig, Wave Gotik Treffen
  • 25.05.18 IT – Roma, METAMØRFOSI
  • 07.07.18 DE – Detmold, Owls ‘n’ Bats Festival 2018 w/ Skeletal Family, The Foreign Resort, Laura Carbone, TRAITRS, Sweet Ermengarde
  • 18.08.18 BE – Mont-de-l’Enclus, W-Festival w/ Paul Young, Front Line Assembly, She Past Away, Limahl, Heaven 17 and many more
  • 24.08.18 CZ – Prague, XIII. Prague Gothic Treffen
  • 25.08.18 DE – Regensburg, TheWave II
  • 15.09.18 CH – Versuchsstollen Hagerbach, Eine Nacht im Bergwerk w/ Covenant
  • 12.10.18 RU – Saint Petersburg, TBA
  • 13.10.18 RU – Moscow, TBA
  • 26.10.18 NL – Almere, Moonreaktor II w/ Lifeless Past, Stuck Between
  • 27.10.18 DE – Hamburg, TBA
  • 10.11.18 AT – Vienna, Festival

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