Ash Code is a relatively new italian group that fuses the feeling of Post-Punk with pulsing Disco beats. This is by no means a bad thing: their songs will animate you almost immediatly to start dancing and it seems like this could be true not only in underground clubs.

Ash Code – Dry Your Eyes

Dry Your Eyes was released online and as a 7” limited to 300 pieces on the greek label Geheimnis Records, and this debut already showcases the full potential of Ash Code.

While indeed the title track is a dark disco number that could easily find its way onto one or another mainstream DJ’s playlist, Unnecessary Songs seems more at home with those in leather jackets and lots of eye-liner.

The Remixes of both songs are playful and might introduce the band’s music to a broader audience, aside from underlining the band’s retro-charm. The Vinyl was released in June and there are still copies available at the moment, for those who prefer to own a physical copy – for all the others there’s always bandcamp.

Dry Your Eyes [Digital Single] by Ash Code


Ash Code – Empty Room

About two weeks later they followed up with an online-only single including an new song and a cover version of The Sound’s I Can’t Escape Myself. The title track, Empty Room, follows the same recipe as the songs on the debut single, and sounds a bit like a vague mix between A Place To Bury Strangers and Kirlian Camera.

Both tracks are extremely powerful, and even if Ash Code’s take on I Can’t Escape Myself is not reinventing the wheel by any means, it is a solid piece that can easily fill the dancefloors in even the most mainstream of indie nightclubs.

Empty Room[Digital Single] by Ash Code

Here is the video for Empty Room below:


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