Have you ever just woken up with the amazing idea of having Einstürzende Neubauten score a spaghetti western? Consider your prayers answered by Wosto, (in)famous German ice skater, and his band of merry pranksters: Nostalgic Éternelle (Inox Kapell/Dieter Mauson. Bound together, they are Sauerstoff, whisking in sweeping new soundtracks for your next fever dream. Their epic thriller, Der Trompeter, off their Für Alle EP (Raw Culture), is a bizarre but catchy little ditty that will become dein nächster Ohrwurm.

The accompanying video features a thrilling horseback ride through the forests, the siren call of “LALALALALA” and echoing trumpets luring us through the landscapes of no-wave nonsense. It has the feel of a classic western movie on a fuzzy UHF channel on Nana’s black and white TV, as we witness our glitchy Deutsche cowpokes galloping through sweeping, techno-phantasmagorical lands. A half-remembered mountain vista, a half-remembered film plot.

And then it abruptly ends, for we have awakened.

The other two tracks on the EP, Sie kommen and Kinskis, are equally strange and fraught with minimal psychedelia. Kinskis in particular appears in a sound bed of staticky and rhythmic beats buoyed by forceful lyrics. The repetitive, barking monotone delivery in both tracks makes for strange bedfellows with the intense and often warped industrial backbeat, but the effect is intriguing.

The Für Alle EP release will be available in a limited series of 150 hand stamped 7’’. This is a strange journey you’re about to embark upon, friends, but Sauerstoff will be your guide. And now farewell! Bis bald!

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