A few months back the  unreleased “Same Old Madness” was included on the reissue of Ministry’s classic Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984.  Unfortunately, it was not the version from the music video, but the softer “new-wave pop” version that was included. Yesterday, we saw another With Sympathy-era track unearthed — but they must be building snowmen in hell, because this time the track was released courtesy of bandleader Al Jourgensen himself, who has sadly and quite infamously put a distance between himself  and his band’s early synthpop days.

The track Jourgensen posted Sunday was the 1983 song “Anything For You” — known to many fans as “I Will Do Anything For You” after it was played on tour in back in 1984 — as part of his ongoing “Ministry Mondays”.

Jourgensen referred to the track as a “rare, never-before-released song from With Sympathy.”  What do you think?  Do you prefer the Synthpop era Ministry?  Al with dreads— or spiky hair and mascara?


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