The Cure’s Robert Smith has gone viral again for speaking his mind, this time in an unearthed interview from 2012 with, where the eccentric singer made clear that given his roots in the punk revolution, he has a disdain for the monarchy, and believes hereditary privilege is inherently wrong.

In the clip, posted to Twitter by user @ImpodedView, Smith states:

“Any kind of hereditary privilege, it’s just wrong! It’s not just anti-democracy, it’s just inherently wrong.”

He then continues,

“What upsets me, is that some people who I’ve actually admired down the years, get offered a reward by the royal family, by the hereditary monarchy, and they take it, and they become Lord or Sir… and you think like…

Honestly, if I ever accepted, and I’m never going to get one, I would honestly cut off my own hands before I did that, because how dare they presume that they could give me an honour.

I’m much better than them, they’ve never done anything, they’re f****** idiots.

Watch the full interview below:

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