[dropcap]Order[/dropcap] is being distorted by a third force. Such is presented in the video for Operant’s ZK-II_004—a short film scored by the Industrial Noise soundtrack which includes found footage depicting medical procedures, interstellar visitations—and violent military intervention drawing from abstract parallels between the unfolding of history and the balance of political hegemony. The pathology is thus reflected in both the internal and the external worlds and in the attempt of one being reduced to the other.

Ultimate destruction or ultimate transcendence ensues.


Operant’s debut ep ZK-II is available as tape and digital download from Instruments Of Disciplineorder here. Their next live show will be in Berlin on the 19th of November in the Urban Spree basement with Champagne Mirrors and M AX NOI MACH for Total Black Records and Potnia Theron.


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