NYC electronic music artist Zachery Allan Starkey aka ZGRT has released his video for his third single under that alias: Black Angel.

The video was filmed on location in Brooklyn, NYC and Radio City Music Hall, and directed by William Murray and Kristen Fellicetti. and photographed, filmed, and edited by William Murray.

The song is pulsing and dark HI-NRG meets Synthwave  with a taut bassline that evokes something culled from the best archives of Daniel Miller’s Mute Records.

BLACK ANGEL sees Starkey telling the story of a self hating Wall Street executive who can only finds solace and fulfillment on his knees in service to the Black Angel, a Domme running a basement dungeon in the bowels of Manhattan. Based on real events. Starkey had this to say about the origin of the song:

“For nearly a decade in New York City, I have both played music and DJ’ed at a wide variety of fetish parties, sex parties, leather bars, and in these late night environments, I’ve met all sorts of people who live on the edge, outside the mainstream of life. I have friends who are sex workers of all sorts, I’ve met some of their clients, who are, to all appearances, very vanilla, very normal. Yet they find themselves in these strange places, in the middle of the night, seeking an experience and release that they cannot get in everyday life. I am fascinated by this drive to seek pleasures in the more exotic areas of New York nightlife, and I wrote BLACK ANGEL about some of the people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen, and some of the experiences I’ve had.”

As ZGRT, Starkey recently released his HARD POWER single/LP and toured with the legendary New Order on their Music Complete tour, which included a spectacular sold out show at Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall.

Noted Berlin producer Mark Reeder and New Order’s own Bernard Sumner advised Starkey on the final mixing of his Hard Power.

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