“There is no security. There is no security.”

Zachery Allan Starkey has been a vulture gnawing the carrion of New York City, spitting out the gristle and grime in a modern city. NO SECURITY, the political techno debut single off his upcoming album, FEAR CITY, is a wild force of nature.

Starkey has made a name for himself during the course of his wild DIY trajectory, from his working-class roots to transforming the sound landscape of Brooklyn. No stranger to the socio-political fallout himself, he has brought an authentic punk rage to the techno scene, infusing his electro-industrial tinged bangers with deeply biting social commentary. Taking lyrical cues from artists like Public Image Ltd, Fad Gadget, NIN and Lou Reed, Zachery Allan Starkey is out for blood.

Photo: William Murray

Starkey has seen some shit in the hedonism-drenched NYC nightlife, and mourned its fallen soldiers. As social media and the press praise the vibrant scenes of youthful decadence, Starkey cuts through the bullshit: this curated scene is all a tragic façade to escape the rise of global fascism. He lambasts the complicity of the media for the acceleration of chaos and paranoia, class inequality, mass hysteria and the devastation of the opiate epidemic.

There is no security in an unjust world. There is no security in a fragile environment. There is no security in the government. There is no security in the economy. There is no security in a volatile society. There is no security in existence. NO SECURITY is an anthem for a generation coming of age suffering from acute anxiety, brought to you by mega corporations and the autocrats raking it all in. If there’s a hell below, we’re all going to go down dancing.

NO SECURITY is ZAS’s first release from his upcoming album, FEAR CITY, which scours the headlines and sets the focus on an increasingly dystopian future. Starkey’s vision and songwriting caught the attention of New Order’s Bernard Sumner, who invited Starkey to open during their sold-out Music Complete tour. The friendship led to exciting new musical collaborations for FEAR CITY.

Directed by William Murray, the brain-blasting video for NO SECURITY is a visual cacophony ripped straight from the news and every dystopian novel that’s ever frightened you. The future is now, so what is your role?

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