Germany’s much-beloved Post-Punk and Gothic Rock band Xmal Deutschland released their second record, Tocsin on June 25th, 1984.

Tocsin, the band’s last album released on record label 4AD redefined the energy of their debut album Fetisch, while broadening their sound; adding more atmosphere and richer production, most notably on tracks such as “Reigen”, “Eiland”, “Tag Fur Tag”, and “Xmas in Australia,” “Augen-Blick”, and the inclusion of the re-recorded version of their second single as “Incubus Succubus II” on the CD version released in 1986.

Watch Xmal Deutschland perform “Augen-Blick” (which can translate to “A Quick Glance”, or Blink of An Eye”) on 1984’s German television program Musik Convoy:

You can pick up a copy of Tocsin on Vinyl or CD at 4AD Records official site here.

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